China Marketing

Many western SMEs rely on importers to sell their products in China but often ignore basic marketing to connect with their customers and protect their brands. With a low monthly fee, we setup and maintain an official WeChat account for digital marketing and e-commerce. We help SMEs to take back brand ownership and customer relationship from importers.

What is WeChat?

With more than 1 billion monthly active users and a platform that comprises of messaging, social media, mobile payment, e-commerce, and seemingly unlimited number of applications (mini-app), WeChat is a “super app” for everything in China. Every businesses in China accept WeChat payment and nearly all of them have an official WeChat account.

Many brands such as GAP and Bose have the full extend of WeChat marketing that includes social media, promotion, news release, and e-commerce (typically hosted and fulfilled by

These Official Account sites are self contained mini site that are accessible from the main WeChat social media contacts. A customer can subscribe to the official account by scanning the QR Code on the product, or from within WeChat.